Monday, February 1, 2016

January 31, 2016: A Trip to Orlando & a BACON CRIME WAVE

MY LIFE WITH BACON CONTINUES from the Orlando area where son Jack is participating in the 3D Lacrosse tournament and showcase.

Stopped at a Waffle House in Davenport, FL on Sunday morning for a quick bite. I got the bacon & eggs special. Almost forgot to take a picture. Great, great service, solid food. Bacon excellent.


- a man hit his daughter with a package of frozen bacon. A dastardly act. But now there seems to be a virtual crime wave using bacon.

This week, a brother stole the bacon off his brother's sandwich, who, when confronted, attempted to strangle the brother with bacon and threw him down the stairs:
At 1:30 a.m., police were called to an assault off White Top Road, where a man trying to make a sandwich found “all of the bacon was gone but one piece.” When the 44-year-old confronted his brother, 37, about the missing pork, his sibling slapped him into a staircase, then tried to strangle him as he crawled away. Two additional family members intervened in the attack, but the suspect reportedly pushed them both down and made threats to kill his brother. Police observed injuries to the complainant and blood on the stairs, prompting the other man’s arrest.
There must be a contagion going on - in addition to that crime, a ne'er do well out of Sheboygan, Wisconsin decided to attack his mother with a package of bacon. No word on whether the bacon was frozen. Here's the article, and below an extract:
A Sheboygan man is facing battery and disorderly conduct charges, accused of throwing a package of bacon at his mother. Thomas Winkel, 44, is accused of throwing the bacon Jan. 25.
Winkel's mother said Thomas grabbed her wrist and hit her with the bacon, cutting her face. Winkel admitted to throwing the bacon at his mother because she was making him angry. An officer noted that Winkel showed no remorse, and that he appeared to be intoxicated.
And now for the most bizzare - from Huffington Post. A guy was found in camoflague, face down drunk in someone's back yard next to a dog kennel. Aside from having a handgun, the guy had bacon covered with an unknown substance. You can't make this stuff up - article here.
A Virginia man has been charged in a bizarre case that involves what one local newspaper described as "suspicious bacon." 
Last October, Evan Patrick Cater, 31, was allegedly found drunk and lying face-down near a neighbor's dog kennel. He wore camouflage and a mask, and carried both a 9 mm gun and "bacon covered in an unknown substance," according to a news release from the Amherst County Sheriff's Office.
His neighbor, Bobby Wood, called the sheriff's department after spotting Cater in his yard. Cater told deputies he was just relaxing, according to the Lynchburg News and Advance, which dubbed the pork product "a suspicious bag of bacon."
The neighbors have a history: Wood has complained about Cater shooting firearms in his yard, which is part of a "no-shoot zone" that Cater has spoken out against, according to the News and Advance. 
Cater was charged with wearing a mask in public, trespassing, public intoxication and carrying a gun while intoxicated, the paper said. A judge certified the charges to a grand jury this week. 

The UNICODE TECHNICAL COMMITTEE will be approving a new set of emoji for Apple and iPhone platforms, including one for BACON!  Here's the article.