Tuesday, February 9, 2016

February 7, 2016: Bacon at Crystal Bridges and more Bacon Crime stories

MY LIFE WITH BACON continues with another trip to Northwest Arkansas.

MY FRIENDS CONVINCED ME to go to an art museum. Me, who has a serious gap in my education. No art appreciation or art history classes, and not music classes in all my education. Art is not my strong suit. For most of the modern art I see in museums, I feel like I could do it myself. I definitely "don't get" a lot of art. I feel like Ferris Bueller and his friends starting at a painting at the Chicago Art Museum:

BUT, they talked me into it. Well, Skip did. And I'm glad I went. The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art  is spectacular.

And in it, an original painting of my hero, George Washington, painted by Gilbert Stuart. Here's my photo of the painting. Blew me away. You can walk right up to it. Worth the entire trip to Arkansas. They purchased it from Christies at auction for over $8Million; it was owned by the NYC library.

THE BACON WAS EXCELLENT. So how does this relate to bacon?   Well, there is a fine dining opportunity in the museum at The Eleven Restaurant, and we took advantage of it. I ordered a bit of bacon as an appetizer and it was outstanding.

THE BACON CRIME WAVE continues. Remember the guy who was found near a dog house, face down with a bag of bacon covered by an 'unknown substance'? Well, they tested the substance and now have the results.
"LYNCHBURG — Amherst County authorities said Wednesday they received lab results revealing the contents of a suspicious bag of bacon found on an armed and masked trespasser last year.
Evan Patrick Cater, 31, of Madison Heights, is charged with wearing a mask in public, public intoxication, carrying a firearm while under the influence and trespassing. The Amherst County Sheriff’s Office has said the charges stem from an incident Oct. 18, when Cater hid behind a dog kennel on a neighbor’s property.
Deputies found Cater wearing camouflage and a mask, armed with a gun and a “suspicious” bag of bacon covered in an unidentified oily substance, the sheriff’s office said.
Suspicions were confirmed Wednesday afternoon when results from a gas chromatography/mass spectrometry test revealed the substance as a combination of methylene chloride and a hydrocarbon compound...
The lab analysis only identifies the atomic structure of substances, but not particular brands or types, he said. While Grieser isn’t a veterinarian, he said common sense leads him to believe the substance would be dangerous for animals to ingest.
“I mean, it’s an industrial solvent. It’s definitely going to cause injury or death,” Grieser said. Exactly what Cater planned to do with the oil-slathered pork remains a mystery. He declined to comment when reached by phone Wednesday afternoon.
“On the advice of my attorney I’m going to decline to speak with you on the record about this,” Cater said."
The article is here.