Sunday, August 31, 2014

August 31, 2014: National Bacon Day was yesterday

MY LIFE WITH BACON continues after a short break, with some good Oscar Mayer promo stuff.  I've told you before and I'll say it again: OM is my 'go-to' bacon.

OSCAR MAYER has always been known for great promotions, what with the Weinermobile going way back to 1936!

"The first version was created in 1936 by Oscar Mayer's nephew, Carl G. Mayer, and variants are still used by the Oscar Mayer company today. Drivers of the Wienermobiles are known as Hotdoggers and often hand out toy whistles shaped as replicas of the Wienermobile, known as Wienerwhistles." - from the Wikipedia entry.
Well, back on the 4th of July I had the pleasure of attending the parade at Lake Bluff, IL.  An awesome parade; lasts 90 minutes.  The town swells from a population of about 5,700 to over 20,000 that day.  And the bank is open - giving out free Bloody Marys and free beer.  How about that!  Here's a selfie of me with the weinermobile:

 And a better picture of the vehicle alone.  It's very high tech inside.

Back in the spring, OM had a great promotion, about which I wrote.  It was the "Wake Up and Smell the Bacon" sweepstakes, and if you won it, you'd get a little piece of hardware which goes with an app by the same name.  The app is free, and downloadable on the iTunes market.  Below are a few pictures of my "unboxing" and here is a link to a video review, which is pretty good.  Thanks, Billy Uhlemann, loyal reader, for winning the sweepstakes and sending me the device!  I'm linking to the video review of Emily Belcher, who "wins a lot of stuff": says "and it does smell like bacon"... I have to agree.  Very cool and fun. Here's another video review: in case the first one wasn't professional enough for you.

I'll have a review of Indiana Kitchen bacon next time!